We’ve identified two core wellness gaps in our communities that need to be solved for:

Access to fresh food and groceries

Mental and physical wellness through lack of community engagement

How Can We Solve For These Healthcare Gaps?

At-risk demographics, such as the immuno-compromised, senior citizens and those with pre-existing health conditions, may not be able to safely access fresh groceries or feel comfortable going out shopping. Simultaneously, we know that fresh food and holistic nutrition are integral to keep our communities healthy.

Similarly, mental and physical wellbeing are keys to wellness and health. Reduced social activity and the rapid push into a virtual world can leave communities feeling disconnected or undervalued.

As these access gaps grew during the COVID-19 pandemic,and a connector solution is needed. FareRX prepares thoughtfully designed delivery services to solve for these access gaps. We’ll connect your valued demographics with the health and wellness solutions they need to feel engaged, connected, and healthy.

This Program is great for:

Health Insurance




Our Process


Select the member demographic that you would like to serve (Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Private Plan, etc.).


Select the grocery, prepared food, or wellness benefit that works for your members and your healthcare goals.


Select the grocery, prepared food, or wellness benefit that works for your members and your healthcare goals.


Determine the timeline, scale, and product selection with FareRx.


FareRX fulfills and delivers these benefits to your members promptly.


FareRx fulfills and delivers these benefits to your members promptly.

Our Core Offerings


Our Grocery Delivery Program offers access to farm-to-home groceries and prepared food, complete with seamless delivery logistics and a sustainable supply chain.

Our Grocery Delivery Program Elements

Our Grocery Delivery Program is customizable, localized, and mobile.

Our Team comes to your in-network coverage area and sets up a localized supply chain made up of:

Sustainable and local agricultural partners for produce, dairy, meats, and cheeses. All groceries are always fresh and local, above all else.
Fresh and local produce are proven to retain higher nutritional value and sustain improved health outcomes, as opposed to pre-packaged and processed food and meals.
Food and grocery preparation centers. All food is processed and prepared within your in-network coverage area and sistributed to members in a short time frame to retain freshness.
Delivery operations center and management. With our logistics expertise, FareRx oversees the entire delivery process, ensuring, freshness and sustainability along the way. Contactless delivery avalaible.
Sustainable packaging, with reusable options available. These packaging options are pre-developed by FareRx, and come to your in-network coverage area with our team.


FareRx helps you support the mental and physical wellbeing of your community with thoughtfully designed wellness care packages.

FareRx designs and manufactures high-quality small goods that can provide the needed comfort and care to your members.

From PPE for the coronavirus pandemic, to diagnosis-specific care items, to general wellness reminders, your members will feel valued and cared for with a care box from FareRx.

FareRX can customize your member care and comfort boxes to your demographic specifications. Some example products could include:

Thermometer (branding option avalaible)
Health and nutrition guides
Immune boosters
Tea / coffee
Skincare products
Small home goods (candles, aromatherapy, etc.)
Baking mixes
Games (puzzles, crosswords, etc.)
OTC medical and home care supplies

Member Testimonials

I can truly not thank you enough - tell me how I can show my appreciation. I'm just so excited and so grateful. Thank you so much. And the young gentleman that brought it was such a pleasure, such a nice person. Thank you again.

Independence Blue Cross Grocery Delivery Recipient


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